SPYAIR, 3000 Wildly Exited at First Live in Paris! A Great Chorus in Japanese at One Point



SPYAIR appeared in “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” held in Paris FRANCE for 3 days from September 20th (Fri.) to the 22nd(Sun.), and had their first ever Live in Europe.

“Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” is a movable urban cultural event which re-creates the “City of Tokyo”, which is filled with fascinating things such as fashion, music, food, manga, anime, games, and characters, and people like Anna Tsuchiya, Shonen Knife, moumoon, Amiaya, and others attended from Japan. SPYAIR sings for the popular manga even in France, “Gindama” and “BLEACH”`s TV animation theme song, which was why they appeared in this event.

They played a total of 11 songs and their first France Live ended in great excitement. The autograph signing session created a long line, and at the advance sale of the album “MILLION”, which will be released in 50 European countries, the few hundred of CDs which was prepared were all sold out. The popularity surprised even the sponsors.

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