Alice Nine Drove 15,000 Audience Crazy as the First Day’s Headliner of a Music Festival in Taiwan



Alice Nine Appeared at “Rock In Taichung Festival” held on September 7 as the headliner.

This also was the first international performance for Alice Nine in one year, and they performed as the first day’s headliner at one of the largest music festivals held in Taichung, Taiwan, which drew about 100 thousand audience.

15,000 fans filled the venue, including core fans of Alice Nine as well as local music fans who are interested in checking out visual-kei bands.

When the sound effect started from the stage, big applause bursted out from the audience. When the members came out onto the stage for the first song “Senko” , their figure lighted by LED lights brought the audience energy to the climax.

Hit songs such as “RAINBOWS”, and “TSUBASA.” followed. When Shou(Vo) greeted in Taiwanese, the fans screamed with joy. On the closing tune “the beautiful name” , you could see some of them cry.

After the performance they did a photo session with the audience behind their backs. Their first headliner show ended as a big success, when Shou said “We’ll be back again next year”.

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