Takanori Nishikwa as T.M.Revolution Inaugurated As Sightseeing Ambassador Of Las Vegas



Takanori Nishikwa as T.M.Revolution became the first Japanese to be inaugurated as sightseeing ambassador of Las Vegas on September 14 at .

The event took place as an event held by Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). The LVCVA is a publically approved origination that aims to attract tourists to Las Vegas. While acting as leader of the traveling and service industry to increase Las Vegas’ influence, the organization holds various events promoting tourism, meetings, and parties.

The aforementioned event, which began at 1:30PM, began with a speech by LVCVA’s Japan Office representative. Nishikawa’s letters of appointment awarding ceremony took place shortly after that. In addition to the awarding of the playing-cards-designed, enormous letters of appointment, he received flight tickets and hotel vouchers to be used for a trip to Las Vegas from Delta Air Lines, Inc. and Bellagio Las Vegas. During the talk section of the event, Nishikawa brought his own pictures of Las Vegas from his previous visit to talk about the various sightseeing spots that he recommends.

Nishikawa, who introduced the hot spots and the draws of this “city of entertainment”, said, “My work as sightseeing ambassador, I hope, would work as a way to bridge the gap between Japan and Las Vegas”. With those words, the 45-minute < Las Vegas Sight Seeing Ambassador Investiture> came to a close.

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