The unit, “Please & Secret,” the collaboration between popular Taiwanese characters and Japanese voice actors, releases their 1st single



On September 17, 2013, at the NicoNico headquarters in Harajuku, Tokyo, “Please & Secret,” the unit of the popular voice actors Pile and AINA (Kusuda Aina), will hold an event for the release of their 1st single, “O.P.E.N. FANTASY.”

The group consists of the younger sisters of Taiwan’s famous characters, “OPEN-chan” and “LOCK-chan,” “Please-chan” and “Secret-chan,” who have transformed into high school girls and have joined together to take Japan by storm. Pile and AINA (Kusuda Aina), famous from anime such as “Love Live!,” have taken charge of “Please-chan” and “Secret-chan” respectively. The release of their debut single, “O.P.E.N. FANTASY” will be on September 18th.

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