Sakanaction’s New Tour “SAKANATRIBE” will launch in 2014



Sakanaction will go on a tour from January to March in 2014, for 18 shows at 20 venues.The tour is called “SAKANAQUARIUM2014“SAKANATRIBE”.

They have called their exclusive tour at ZEPP as “ZEPPALIVE” and performed under a different concept from the album theme.
However, for this tour, they added more music halls other than ZEPP and renamed their tour as “SAKANATRIBE”.

The pre-reservation has been open since 12pm on September 10th on their mobile website “SAKANAQUARIUM(A)”.

Tour Information
Tickets Pre Sale ¥6,000- One Drink Minimum
Drink included in the Music Charge for Hiroshima, Kagawa, Sendai, Ishikawa and Niigata shows.