Kaname Kawabata’s Indonesian Silver Screen Debut


Kaname Kawabata

It’s been announced that CHEMISTRY’s Kaname Kawabata, who made his long awaited solo debut in October 2010, will make his on screen debut in the Indonesian film “Bushido Spirit.”

Kawabata will play a singer and martial artist. Indonesian filmmakers selected him for the role due to his tremendous popularity throughout Asia as a CHEMISTRY member, his impressive singing abilities, his martial arts hobby, and his recent start as an actor in Japan.

The movie, which is scheduled to show in theaters in December 2013, is already being filmed. Kawabata will participate in filming in Japan as well as in Paris.

This June, Kawabata already got a foothold in the larger Asian market by debuting in Thailand. Besides performing live in Bangkok, he also made an appearance on the television program with the highest ratings in the country. He has become one of the most talked about Japanese artists in Thailand. His upcoming achievements in Asia are not to be missed.

Film Information
“Bushido Spirit” (Original title/ Indonesian film)
Cast: Kaname Kawabata, Rina Takeda, Ahmad Reza Hariadi, Kus, Nyoman Sumayasa, Artika Saridevi, Tio Pakusadewo, and others
Scheduled to premiere in Indonesia in December 2013

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