Ulfuls is the strongest four-piece rock band in Japan formed by TORTOISE MATSUMOTO on vocal, Keisuke Ulful on guitar, John B Chopper on Bass, and Sankon Jr on Drums.
In 1988, Keisuke and Matusmoto had a session while they both worked at an ethnic cafe in Nakatsu Osaka, forming a band together. They came up with the band name when they misread “Soulful” on their favorite vinyl cover as “Ulful” when the word was divided by the due to the line break.
They made a debut with single “Yabure Kabure” on May 13th 1992.
“Guts Daze” in 1995 and “Banzai-Sukide Yokatta” became big hits. “Banzai” sold over a million copies.1
They performed on NHK Kohaku Utagassen in 1996 and 2001.
In 1999 John left the band suddenly but the band reunited in 2003, rebuilding the band as the one only rock band in Japan.
In addition to the promotional tours, they also host outdoor events titled “Yassa”, for which they are well known and favorited by many fans.
In 2009, they paused their activity as Ulfuls at the outdoor event “Yassa 09 FINAL” at Osaka Expo Park, but then reunited 4 years later on February 25th.
On the day they released a digital single “Dodemo Yosugi” and their 12th original album “ONE MIND” on May 21th.
In August, they had their annual solo outdoor show “Yassa”, followed by a national tour in fall, to prove their complete comeback.8
In the fall of 2015, they released “Bontsubi Wai Wai”, follower by the promotional tour till January 2016. The final day of the tour was their first Nippon Budokan Show in 8 years, ending as a big success. On August 27th they had their 13th outdoor show in Osaka.
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