Kaseki Cider


Kaseki Cider is a hip hop solo group, formed in 1994. They released their first album from both indie and major label titled “Kaseki Cider”, drawing attention to their influence from Happy End and their emotional lyric and track. After 2000, they also started another band with Watanababy from Hoff Dylan called “Baby & CIDER≡”, and another with Shinya Kogure from HICKSVILLE called “Totemrock”. They also joined Seiko Ito &POMERANIANS≡. They proved their talent as illustrators , releasing Hugstone” 4 for panel comic, organizing an exhibition three times a year. They relaunched their career by welcoming Hugstones as the rhythm section. They released their first solo album in 13 years titled “SOUND BURGER PLANET” in 2011 and “Mister City Pop” under the concept of urban pop in 2012 and in 2013, they released anime song cover album “kaseki Cider no Anime Song Vacation!!”.
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