Blistar is a three-piece Girl Rock Band formed by MAYU(Vo), RINA(Gu) and NANA-A(Dr).
Their first band “The PINK ☆ PANDA” was created in autumn 2004 and played in the Indie scene.
Their music of life-sized view of the world, has a reputation for live performances and overwhelming sense of melody.
Number of live performances between 2004 – 2008 exceeds well over 300.
On October 2008, they announced a decision to step up on the playing field by signing up to the majors and ended the THE PINK ☆ PANDA on November 2008.
And, it is reborn in 2009 as newborn “BLiSTAR” (blister), and accomplishes the majors debut with Mini ALBUM”B” in November of the same year.
Lead tune and “Alternate world” ….over size.. taking off.. are appointed to the theme song of [han] animated cartoon DVD by “Girl fighting spirits” (Original Story: Nihonbashi [yowoko]) six volumes on Kodansha evening KC.
And, August, 2010. The place of the activity is transfered the register to a Japanese crown, and 1st Single that becomes long-awaited the second major works “Tokyo Inazuma” is released.
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