Noa grew up taking piano lessons since childhood, influenced by he mother who likes singing.
Her first album released in 2008 “LUCY LOVE” sold 5.5 copies, followed by the buzz for “KO.A.KU.MAⅡ feat.MAICHI” and “Peace My Life feat.Yamazaru”.
In December 2009, her “WINTER SONG” from the album “LUCY LOVE -WINTER SEASON-” ranked second in Ringtone Full Weekly Ranking.
In August 2010, her third album “Naoism” was released, and “her fourth album “N” was released as the first album from “King Records”.
On July 11th 2012, she released her best album titled “Noa’s Love” ranking 7th in Oricon, which broke her own record.
In April 2013, her total ringtone, ringtone full, and RBT downloads were over 3.5 million.
Her gifted voice, skillful vocal, and her straightforward lyric sounds more convincing than the sales figure, You can tell she’s indispensable for the young generation who live with music.
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