BENNIE K is a 2 Female Artists duo consisting of singer: YUKI and rapper: CICO
They debuted in 2001 with their first single “Melody” and made their first appearance in the Oricon Charts (Oricon is Japan’s mainstream music charts) with their 9th single “Dreamland” in the top 2 position and remained in the top 10 list for 10 continuous weeks, also earning them their first double platinum single. Their 4th Album titled “Japana-rhythm” debuted at number 1 on the Oricon charts, their first time ever to reach that height and have consistently remained a regular name in the Oricon top 10 charts ever since; proven by their first best Album titled “BEST OF THE BESTEST”which climbed all the way to the number 1 spot on the Billboard Japan charts as well as remaining in the Top 2 position for 3 consecutive weeks on the Oricon charts. Just after the “BEST OF THE BESTEST” album’s release, their total downloads from ring tones to music downloads have reached over 10 Million downloads, a major achievement for any artists. Their first single from the “BEST OF THE BESTEST” album, “Monochrome” was also the theme for the popular drama “Poor Boy Bombeman” (Aired Tuesdays on the Nippon Television Network Corporation on February, 2008).
Amongst their live events, they have performed for the “Black Eyed Peas JAPAN TOUR 2006” as a special act in Osaka. They have also been invited to perform in the “ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2006”, “AP BANK FES’06” and have been invited, consistently 3 years running at the “COUNTDOWN JAPAN” events. They have even performed with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, a first in it’s kind of event, in the “NEW CLASSIC GIG in JAPAN ‘07” which they were the MAIN ARTISTS performing.
In addition, their next tour, “FUNKY FREAKS TOUR ’08~BEST OF THE BESTEST~” have also been decided and will include live events in 10 cities across Japan.
Their constant attempt at blending a various of genres from Rock to Country with their unique “BENNIE K SOUND” has earned them multiple gold and platinum records as well as put them a step up above most Japanese Artists out there today and will continue to set the bar for other female duos in the future to follow.
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