Unchain was formed in Kyoto in 1996. Later, they moved into Osaka and began playing live gigs there. They progressed musically and put out demo songs on Compilation CD’s and started to work on their mini album, with their guitarist now not just a support member. He joined the band for the production of the mini album “The Space of the Sense” which was released on June 8, 2005. They have been playing shows and putting more of their songs on compilation works since then. They have an announcement of a full self titled album to be released soon. Taking influence from Blues, Jazz, and of course rock music, they have a lot of originality. With a high pitched back up singer and a milder one for a frontman it really helps the band with vocals, as does the great work they do on the songs instrumentals.
Masanori Tanigawa (vocals/guitar)
Hiroaki Tani (bass/chorus)
Shogo Yoshida (drums)
Masafumi Sato (guitar/chorus)
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