September Me


September Me was formed in November 2012 in Tokyo Tachikawa. After several member changes, they settled on the form of a three piece band by Hiroto Doi (Vo/G), Coconut Senpai(Bass/Bv), and Ai Kishinami (Dr/Bv). They band went on to 124 show tour for all 47 prefectures from April 2015 for about a year. In September their first solo show at Shelter Shimokitazawa was sold out. In November , they released an EP titled “Godspeed you!”. Before the end of the tour, in March 2016, Tarna Tanaka(G/Bv) , who had been the support musician for the band, officially joined them. The band settled onto the existing four piece formation.
Their music is all self-produced and their aggressive and emotional music creates such a buzz that the entrance to their shows at festivals and events gets restricted. Semtember Me is also called “Berme” short for “September Me”.
Hiroto Doi (Vo,Gt)
Tarna Tanaka (Gt,Cho)
Coconuts Senpai (Ba,Cho)
Ai Kishinami (Dr,Cho)
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