Karasu Wa Masshiro (A Crow is Pure White)
Members of the Band:
Kana Yaginuma: Vocal & Guitar
Kouhei Shimizu: Guitar & MC
Taihei: Drums
Ochi the Funk: Bass
The band was formed in 2010. Kana Yaginuma has a surrealistic and dreamy whispering voice. The rhythm section of this band, and their abilities as musicians and techniques of arranging and playing are phenomenal. Some of their songs have funky and ripping horn arrangements (classic and fun!), which adds another layer to their music.
Their music is very tight, funky, poppy, melodic and groovy. Ochi lays down grooving funky bass lines (as you can tell by the name of the bassist). Taihei and his drumming locks in with Ochi’s bass lines like a rock. Kouhei’s guitar solos are melodic and musical. Kana’s unique melancholy voice lingers on top the funky rhythm section.
They recently released their 3rd album “Himitsu” and had a national tour that was all sold out. Also their music and music videos are getting attentions, not only in Japan but also from all over the world. Their music is respected and appreciated by any genres of the fans around the world. This is a very unique and sound-fantastic band. You must check them out!!
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