Momoiro Clover Z Released the Video of Their New Song “WE ARE BORN”, to Be Distributed as Downloads Worldwide.


Momoiro Clover Z

Momoiro Clover Released their third album titled “AMARANTHUS” and the fourth “Hakukin no Yoake”. The video clip of “WE ARE BORN” included in “AMARANTHUS” has been released on YouTube.

The lyric of “WE ARE BORN” is written by Seiko Fujibatashi and the song is written and arranged by tatsuo. The video is directed by Masashi Nagasoe, who directed “Z no Chikai”, “Yumeno Ukiyoni Uitemita” and “GOUNN”. The full length video will be included in the first limited edition’s novelty Blu-ray.

Also the worldwide distribution of “AMARATHUS” and “Hakukin no Yoake” has been announced. Both albums will be available on March 4th in about 120 countries including Japan.

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