Shiho Namba


Shiho Namba was born on June 14th in 1993 in Fukuoka Prefecture.
Once she met a producer , Hiroyasu Yano, she decided to be a singer to make the most of her unique voice.
Since childhood, Shiho had been professionally singing, dancing, and acting on the stage, until she mat a producer named Hiroyasu Yano, which destined her to become a singer. She made her debut with an EP “Hajimemashite Watashi” from LD&K with her clear voice in November 2008.
On July 20th , she released her first album “Mizuiro Generation”, including her second single “Kodona no Kaidan” , composed by Ichiro from Sakanaction, and its lyric was written by Yusuke Koide from Base Ball Bear.
In 2013, she released the theme song of “Amalka Theater version” titled “Ao no Jikan”. In addition, she actively does narrations for TV programs and host shows. Her innocent but straight forward look and her clear vocal with great presence charms a lot of producers and she is an artist to watch out.
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