Shonen Knife


Vocals, Guitar: Naoko Yamano
Bass: Ritsuko Taneda
Drums: Emi Morimoto
The all-female trio Shonen Knife, whose name refers to a child’s pocket knife, originally started out as a way for the girls to spend their extra time. However, over the years they have morphed into something much more serious.
Shonen Knife has toured and released CDs all over the world, especially in the US, UK, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore. Inspired by the Ramones, their music is upbeat pop-punk with a twist of grunge. Their songs range from being about everyday life encounters such as spam email to something as random as candy. Singing in a mix of English and Japanese, their music has been featured on US television numerous times, most notably on the popular animated series The Powerpuff Girls.
Shonen Knife has endured some hard times but the trio has always persevered. For over twenty five years, they have continued to make the steady upbeat music they’ve gained a reputation for.
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