UPLIFT SPICE was formed in February 2005 by Chiori (vo), Yuki (G) , Atushi Moriyasu (B) from Kyoto Prefecture and Tobita (Dr) from Ibaraki Prefecture.2
Their music is based on emotional and melodic sound combined with Chiori’s unique vocal and lyric, bringing their unique world.
They released EP titled “Shiteki” and “Hanabi no Iro”.
In 2008, they opened for ELLEGARDEN vs BRAHMAN. Their second album “Omega rhythm” was buzzed all over Japan, both their tour final and their host-event started selling out. In January 2010, they opened for Screamo band, SAOSIN and THE USED in Osaka. They are one of upcoming bands to watch.
On September 27th they changed the band name from UPLIFT SPICE to THE MUSMUS.
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