Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her


Started in 1992 as a trio alternative band.
They have toured 7 times including to the U.S. and to Taiwan.
They have released many singles and albums, also participating in countless compilation albums.
An all time best album was released by Legendary English label cherry red records.
2002. Original Seagull members disbanded.
2014. Jan. 1st
Kentaro Nakao (crypt city ,YounGSounds), bass player, instigated the return of Seagull and gathered new, unique members.
Now they are actively doing live shows and touring. Currently they are creating songs for their upcoming album, the first since their return.
Members are
Aiha Higurashi Vocal and Guitar
Kentaro Nakao Bass and Chorus
Naoko Okamoto Drums(tsubaki, DQS, THE GIRL)
Yuta Ichinose Guitar (Kaisoku Tokyo)
Masayuki Hasuo Keyboard (385, bonanzas, THE JETZEJOHNSON)
moe Chorus (Miila and the geeks, Twee Grrrls club)
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