UN AMIN was formed in Taipei in 2011. They developed their music style in Tokyo scene as an exotic pop band. The musical concept is “A Japanese pop that takes you to a nostalgic trip in good and old days”. They not only perform music live but have been throwing exhibitions, too. Their demo CDs have been selling more than 1400 copies on the internet and via word of mouth. They have performed with Dempa Gumi. Inc and Band Ja Naimon, and also have appeared at Girl-pop culture events such as “Shibu-culFestival” held at PARCO SHIBUYA to exhibit female creators, and at “Geidai Kawaii Live” at Tokyo University of Arts. In addition, they performed at organized by Seiji Kameda and Orgasta Camp. Their performance have been held at interesting sites such as onsen(hot spring) and temples, making their style even more unique. The band have been asked to collaborate to write and lay vocals by other artists. Their new materials are to be released this year!
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