Yumi Shizukusa


Yumi Shizukusa was born in Kagoshima prefecture in July 1984. She made her major debut with the single, “Don’t You Wanna See Me Tonight?”, in July 2003. She acquired nationwide FM POWER PLAY30 with the song, and established a record number of plays at the time.
She went on to play a show with world renown producer, Narada Michael Walden. Her second album featured the song, “I’m In Love”, written with Wyclef Jean of the Fugees. Her characteristic vocal style, which was developed through her years of recording experience, expreses the many sides of her. Her voice wraps listeners gently like a whisper, but is provactive and aggressive at times. She is flexible and does not stick to one form, letting her voice change according to the song.
Shizukusa writes lyrics, composes songs, and arranges. Her lyrics that express her feelings towards music and her melodies become one and flow naturally to the listener like a story.
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