DJ SHINTARO won the world’s “No.1 Party Rock DJ” as the first Japanese ever



The world’s “No.1 Party Rock DJ” competition, was held for the fourth time from 11/5 (Tues)~11/9 (Sat) at the World Conference in Toronto, Canada. As a wild card, in his first performance overseas, Japan’s DJ SHINTARO took victory in front of nearly 2,000 people, and obtained the glory of being called the world’s “No.1 Party Rock DJ.”

This time around, 17 DJs from around the world who won the preliminary competitions in their respective countries, which included America, Germany, Spain, Jamaica, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, and others, battled it out. DJ SHINTARO was defeated partway through the preliminary competitions, but made an unforeseen comeback, and was able to move through to the finals. One of the judging criteria was a DJ’s ability to get the crowd moving, making DJs who were already familiar with the venue advantageous in this competition. DJ SHINTARO blew away the impressive panel of judges, containing faces like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kid Koala, Skratch Bastid, Grandtheft, and Jubilee, and captivated the local audience, making him shine as the first ever DJ who was new to the venue, and the youngest DJ ever to win the title of world champion at the competition.