Group Tamashii


Group Tamashii Originally formed in 1995 by Hakai (Abe Sadao/Vo), Boudou (Kudo Kankuro/G) and Baito-kun (Murasugi Seminosuke/Props), and joined by Kozono (Kozono Ryuichi/B), Minato Kaworu (Minagawa Sarutoki/Age:46), Sekken (Miyake Hiroki/Dr) and Chikoku (Tomizawa Taku/G), Group Tamashii is a 7-piece punk comedy band with powerful and straightforward rock sound. With such sound and obsession with comedy style, they have won the hearts of many fans who love rock and comedy. Their first stages were more focused on the comedy aspect, but they gradually began to increase the number of original songs and managed to create a unique rock scene. They made their major debut with the album “Run Tamashii Run” released in 12/2002 and their single “Kimi ni Juice wo Katte ageru♥” released in 10/2005 made a huge hit. They also participated in “Kouhaku Utagassen” in 12/2002. Celebrating their 15th anniversary, they went on a nationwide tour in 2011 with the final stage held at Nippon Budokan. Their digital single “‘Sotsugyo’ kara no Sotsugyo’” was released in 2/2013.
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