WEAVER A three-piece piano band from Kobe consisting Yuji Sugimoto (Vo., Piano), Shota Okuno (B.), and Toru Kawabe (Dr.). The band was formed in 2004 by high school schoolmates, and became the current lineup in 2007. The members’ musical virtuosity, tone of the piano, and melodic songs are what distinguish them from other bands. In October 2009, made their major debut with the download single “Hakuchoumu”. The day after the release, the band performed as front act for flumpool’s Budokan concert. In Februaru 2010, released their major debut EP “Tapestry”, and in August brought in Seiji Kameda as sound producer to release the album “Shinseiki Souzouki” which featured, au LISMO’s commercial song “Bokura no Eien ~ Nando Umarekawattemo Te wo Tsunagitai Dakeno Ai Dakarane~”. Has constantly performed and released tracks since then. In August 2011, released the album “Jubilation”, which featured a solo piano track by Sugimoto. From March to May, 2012, held the national music club tour “WEAVER Live House TOUR 2012 “Piano trio Philosophy ~do YOU ride on No.66~””. In January 2013, released the self-produced album “Handmade”.
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