The group was formed back in 2002 consists of vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Ebata “Samurai” Hyoue (people say he’s like Mr. Children’s Sakura Kazutoshi which Ebata respects); guitarist Kawamura “Kane” Kenji; bassist Takeda Kazuya and drummer Hirota “Tan” Makoto (the leader of the band).
Lead vocalist Ebata’s voice is very similar to Mr. Children’s Sakurai Kazutoshi and thus the frequent comparisons.
In 2004, the group debuted with “SPEED*STAR” which is said to be a cover of a hitomi song but in fact, hitomi actually covered the song that was sung by them.
But the group is probably known for their third CD single “Dear Friends” (NFCD-27002, January 11, 2006) which was used as an ending theme for the anime series “ONE PIECE”.
And recently, the group has released their sixth CD single titled “monologue”. The limited edition series is interesting because it is bundled as two CD singles which are nearly the same that the CD singles both have the same track 1 and track 3 but with the first CD single containing their song “Energy” which was released in August 1 as a limited distribution.
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