Miki Imai


Known as the Princess of Virgin Music industries, (Miki Imai) has been a classical love song singer, her works dated back as early from 1986 and many albums have been made since then. One of the song which is popular, to her fans, and have been a favorite of many is PIECE OF MY WISH, released in November 11, 1991 in which that particular track have been re-organized into the many albums including the latest coming album, Milestone (out on November 22, 2006), with it’s opening song, AI NO UTA (Love Poem). Both songs were written by Miki Imai’s close friend in work, (Iwasato Yuho), and also in many other songs in Imai’s big discography. Miki Imai has also made songs for Anime opening themes, have preformed in many open and closed concerts throughout the years, and through that, found many sweet experience as an Artist. Her songs, are mostly light weighted (easy to listen), and meaningful in it’s lyrical essence. Miki Imai and her mysterious friend writer, Iwasato san, have made many sweet
memories for her fans through their songs and writings. May God bless them both with many happiness.
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