Tommy heavenly6


Tommy heavenly6 is the creation of singer/songwriter omoko Kawase (born February 6, 1975, in Kyoto, Japan), lead singer of Japanese super band the brilliant green. Tommy heavenly6 is the rockier alter-ego of her other solo project, Tommy february6.
In 2001, Tomoko Kawase launched her solo career under the name of Tommy february6, a character named from a combination of her nickname and birthdate. Vastly different from the japanese rock/japanese pop sound of The Brilliant Green for whom she is also lead singer of, Tommy february6’s persona and sound are that of a generic American 1980s pop icon. Her eponymous debut album was released on the day of her 27th birthday.
Kawase’s original intention with Tommy february6 was to create a character who was far from innocent, though she appeared that cute in both sound and appearance; Tommy february6 was designed to be someone who was true to her feelings despite the cutesy nature of her outward character, do as she wanted (and as such, Tommy february6 is seen repeatedly in music videos drinking alcohol from flasks, bars, etc.) Unfortunately, the original concept started to disappoint her, and Kawase began to feel that the character could no longer maintain its purity.
After a performance as Tommy february6 in 2003, Kawase took off her glasses and donned a much more alternative look to create Tommy heavenly6, a brand new character with a modern rock sound. Kawase would later explain that Tommy heavenly6 was born from a dream that Tommy february6 had, in which she extrovertly embraces all the elements of her personality she had previously been repressing.
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