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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be touring Europe in November, with a stop in London on the 25th.

posted by: SYNC AGENTS June / 9 / 2022 0 comments

Pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be touring Europe this November. Part of her KYARY PAMYU PAMYU 10TH ANNIVERS […]

Visual kei band Arlequin will release a new single on August 3rd, and they will be playing a special show with a 51-member orchestra at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA on June 30th

posted by: SYNC AGENTS May / 27 / 2022 0 comments

Visual kei band Arlequin will release a new single on August 3rd. PICTURES will be available in three editions […]

YOSHIKI Partners with Coca-Cola to Launch Two Music-Inspired Energy Drinks

posted by: SYNC AGENTS May / 23 / 2022 0 comments

The two new YOSHIKI-inspired energy drinks “Real Gold X” and “Real Gold Y” have launch […]