ANTY the Kunoichi


Anty the Kunoichi is a Japanese rapper from Gifu Prefecture. She is married to MASH from SUGAR CRU.
ANTY the Kunoichi attended summer school in Virginia when she was 12 years old and experienced culture shock upon seeing a classmate dance to an M.C. Hammer song. She belonged to a wind ensemble, a ska band, and an alternative rock band where she performed as vocalist. She began performing as a solo rapper after she started being taken to clubs in her hometown by the likes of Yasu Ichiban? and HIDDEN FISH (nobodyknows+). Released a limited press (300) demo CD in 2002. In March and April of 2004, released 2 self-produced maxi singles. In 2005, Joined BIGG MAC WORKS. The way she MCs with Nagoya dialect gave her the nickname “Female version TOKONA-X”.
The name ANTY was her nickname until junior high school. Alongside that, the fact that the affix “anti-“ carries the sense of “opposition”, or “rebellion” led her to decide to use it as her stage name.
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