Osaka Monaurail / Making the Best of 20th Anniversary Tour


As part of their 20th anniversary world tour, Osaka Monaurail participated in “Montreal International Jazz Festival,” a renowned festival with an audience of 2.5 million that holds a Guinness Record as the biggest jazz festival in the world.
They recently finished their Europe tour that lasted for a month to cover 8 locations while holding 24 lives in total. They are currently on a world tour which includes 2 more festivals in Canada other than “Montreal International Jazz Festival” and 9 festivals in Europe. Check out the tour schedule below and make sure to join the fun around your area!
Live Information:
Osaka Monaurail [20th Anniversary “STATE OF THE WORLD” Tour!!]
6/29(Fri) FUSION FESTIVAL, Germany
6/30(Sat) SOZOPOL FESTIVAL, Bulgaria
7/04(Wed) Bruges, France
7/06(Fri) GREAT HALL, Canada
7/07(Sat) Montreal International Jazz Festival, Canada
7/08(Sun) Quebec City Summer Festival (Day 1), Canada
7/09(Mon) Quebec City Summer Festival (Day 2), Canada
7/11(Wed) Halifax Jazz Festival, Canada
7/14(Sat) KULTURSOMMER, Germany
7/18(Wed) KULTURARENA, Germany
7/19(Thurs) DOCUMENTA, Germany
7/20(Fri) PLEIN FEUX FESTIVAL 2012, France
7/21(Sat) Detours de Monde 2012, France
7/22(Sun) BLUE BALLS FESTIVAL, Switzerland
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