Kosuke Kamishin


Singer / J-POP R&B producer / Composer / Production etc…
Kosuke Kamishin sings to express his heart through his voice that reflects the sounds of his special lyrics. He went on a journey on his own at the age of 19 to the west coast of USA and participated in the volunteer activities after the Great Hanshin Earthquake. He then went on a journey to find his true self as he went around all over Japan and performed on the street until finally relocating to Okinawa.
2002 Ranked #1 on Okinawa Tower Records Chart and made his major debut as “bkoz” with “Minami no Shima”
2005 Disbandment of bkoz and beginning of solo project as “Kosuke Kamishin”
1/2/2008 Establishment of private label “Chura Voice” and release of albums, “Re:Mind,” “Re:Birth,” & “Re:Life”
2011 ‘Kimi ga itekureru nara’ chosen for the soundtrack of “Doraemon The Movie: Shin・Nobita to Tetsujin
‘Mukai Kaze wo Mikata ni Tsukeyou’ chosen for the ending theme song of TV Asahi’s “Beat Takeshi no TV Tackle”
6/2011 Major debut with a mini album “Mukai Kaze wo Mikata ni Tsukeyou” from Teichiku Entertainment
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