Raphael was in formed in March 1997 by leader/guitarist Kazuki and bassist Yukito. After singing karaoke with Yuki, Kazuki asked him to join the band as their vocalist. They later met Hiro, and while he initially had his doubts of dropping out of school to pursue a career with the band, his sister convinced him to join as their drummer. After playing for 2 years in the Indie’s scene, they signed with For Life Music Entertainment, Inc. in 1999. On October 31, 2000, Kazuki died of a tranquiler overdose, and the band disbanded a year later in 2001. After Kazuki’s passing, Yuki and Hiro began a collaborative project named rice, while Yukito went on to form Black Love.
Yuki Sakurai- Vocals
Kazuki Watanabe – Guitar
Yukito Honda – Bass
Hiro Murato – Drums
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