Versailles / Convention in Russia


After achieving a great success in their world tour “Versailles World Tour 2011-Holy Grail” covering 18 countries (19 locations in total), Versailles participated in the biggest convention in Russia “the 2012 Festival” held in Moscow during 5/15~18.
They had been officially selected as #1 Japanese group that the fans “requested for the artist lineup of the convention,” thus were invited to the convention as representatives of Japan. In the midst of bursting excitement with powerful performances by a brilliant artist lineup, Versailles took the final stage while the audience’s screams of joy continued on throughout the entire performance. Their performance was highly praised not only by the fans, but also local music affiliates who were impressed with such a professional stage that reflected Versailles’ history and experience. They couldn’t agree more that Versailles deserved the honor to stand on the final stage of the convention.
Celebrating their 5th year anniversary, Versailles will release “ROSE -5th Anniversary Box-” on 6/20/2012. This new release will include the title song ‘ROSE,’ ‘ayakashi,’ the Japanese version of ‘Love will be born again’ from their previous album “Holy Grail,” and a retake version of their signature number ‘THE RED CARPET DAY.’ Don’t miss out on this special package!
“ROSE -5th Anniversary Box-“
Release on 6/20/2012
[Limited Edition (CD+DVD)] WPZL-30392/3 5,555 yen(tax in)
※Limited production of 6666 packages (with serial number)
CD Track List:
2. ayakashi
3. Love will be born again [Japanese Version]
DVD Clip List:
・History of Descendant of the Rose
・[LIVE from World Tour 2012 -Holy Grail- Grand Final ・Chateau de Versailles・ 2012.2.12] MASQUERADE/Judicial Noir/Thanatos/DRY ICE SCREAM!! [Remove Silence]/Flowery/Vampire/Remember Forever
[Regular Edition (CD) WPCL-11123 1,200 yen(tax in)
※CD includes 4 songs (same tracks as the limited edition)
Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-
Official Website:
Official Twitter:!/versailles_p_q