Yoichi Sugawara


In 1958 Yoichi Sugawara debuts as a tango dancer
In 1962 he makes his debuts with Polydor Records as a singer.
In 1967 his single “Daremo inai” became a huge hit. He makes his first appearance on the Kouhaku Utagassen. He was invited to the NHK event 22 times in a row thereafter.
In 1968 Sugawara is awarded the Japan Record Grand Title with an Outstanding Voice Award.
From 1969 to 1970 Sugawara co-stars with singers such as Milva from the king of tango, and Alfred Hause’s Band the Queen of Canzone, on stage and recordings.
In 1970 Sugawara is awarded the Japan Record Title Grand prize for his single “Kyode owakare”.
In 1975 his single “Ubaguruma” is awarded the Tokyo Music Festival Outstanding Voice Award.
In 1978 his album “Kashu seikatsu nijyusshunen album” wins the Japan Record title grand prize and is awarded the 20th anniversary Manifestation Award.
In 1982 his album “Hotel- sore zore no jinsei” is awarded the Japan Record Grand Title and Project Award.
*From 1985 to 1989 Sugawara is highly praised for his work co-staring with renown Tango groups like “Leornando Fedrico Band” and “Jose Colangelo Band”.
In 1988 Sugawara holds a “Kashu seikatsu sanjyushhunen recital (30th Anniversary Recital)” touring six cities in Japan, Los Angeles, and was invited to perform at the Seoul Olympic opening event.
In 1998 he released his “Kashu seikatsu nijyusshunen album ”Utatane”. Grand opening with the Tokyo Orchard Hall, Sugawara tours all around Japan
In May of 2001, Sugawara coordinated “Tango Festival 2001” to celebrate the Argentinian National Foundation Day. In October he performed at the Tokyo Orchard Hall commemorating the release of his new album “Hatsukoi”.
In 2003 alongside with Peggy Hayama, Sugawara tours Japan performing the “Peggy Hayama & Yoiichi Sugawara Concert – Iijidai iiuta gojyuunen”.
In 2008 Sugawara performed his “Kashu seikatsu gojyushuunen kinen recital (50th Anniversary recital)” at the Shibuya Orchard Hall. His commemorative CD “Tangokorasonn – Barado no youni” and “Dokushou” was also released. In the end of December Sugawara was awarded the Japan Record Meritorious award.
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