Nakagawa Shoko / First Asia Tour!


Celebrating her 10th year anniversary this year, Nakagawa Shoko announced her very first Asia tour “大家好,我係中川翔子亞洲演唱會―(・∀・)―!!! (Hello, Everyone, I am Nakagawa Shoko Asia Live)” coming up this summer. The tour will kick off in Hong Kong on 7/8 and go around Taipei, Singapore, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
To accommodate overseas accesses, Nakagawa Shoko’s official website “Shokotan Net” is now available in English (also partially available in Mandarin Chinese).
Tour Info:
(Hello, Everyone, I am Nakagawa Shoko Asia Live)
7/7/2012(Sat) & 7/8(Sun) Hong Kong
7/22/2012(Sun) Taipei
8/4/2012(Sat) Singapore
8/31/2012(Fri) Shanghai
9/2/2012(Sun) Guangzhou
Official Website: