SCANDAL / Victory at first Nippon Budokan stage dressed up in Kimono


Girl’s band SCANDAL performed first time at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo in March 28. It is a record breaking speed for a new comer girls band to be performing at such large venue
During the performance, SCANDAL dressed up in Kimono which they wore for the album cover of the latest greatest hits album “SCANDAL SHOW’’ and their performance had frenzied 9000 fans during two and half hour show with standing ovations. Asthe title of this show was “SCANDAL  JAPAN TITLE MATCH LIVE 2012 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN’’, HARUNA the leader of the band announced beforehand that they would play one of the biggest practical jokes on this special day. At the beginning of the show, the screen showed a parody of the combat sports “PRIDE’’ which is a popular champion ship game in Japan, and SCANDAL appeared slowly on the stage with a gong sound and LED panel lifting up with an announcement of their names called in the style of the combat sport game way. The audiences were fully excited by this staging.
The show started with “SCANDAL’s theme”, the opening song for all of their shows since debuting. When performance started, the floor was filled with deafening cries of joy from the audience. 2nd song they played was ’’Shunkan Sentimental’’, their standard number. HARUNA yelled out “Tonight is very special! Something will change from this day, for you and for us all. Forget all the stress and bad things, and have a wonderful night!! ‘’ During their concert, they played 18 songs, and they had sprinkled some enchantment part, such as performing their hit tune“SCANDAL nante buttobase’’ wearing Tokkofuku ,typically worn by bike gangs and the homeboys as a “fighting uniform’’ dramatizing their music video, while Rina(dr) performed solo, exploding sound during her talk. At talk session, There was also a scene that SCANDAL whispered tearfully that “When we were just formed, we only thought that we could last for 2 to 3 months, but now it’s so natural for us to be always around and to play music together.! We had experienced so many fun things and also overcame hard times together.’’ At encore, little stage was specially made for the band members sticking out over the audience seats and they played ‘’Space Ranger’’“Kagerou’’and their debut song ‘’DOLL’’ expressing that SCANDAL will keep delivering their music to fans regardless of the size of venue. The Budokan show will be televised on WOWOW in Japan
SCANDAL had released their best album’’SCANDAL SHOW’’ on March 7, scoring the best chart position for the band to date at No.3 on Oricon Weekly Chart. They have announced to have nation wide club circuit starting May. Their dream is to perform live at Osakajo Hall since before their debut, and their dream will be coming true soon.
【SCANDAL Official HP】
HARUNA – Vocal & Guitar Birthday Aug 10 1988, Blood Type A
MAMI – Guitar& Vocal / Birthday May 21 1990, Blood Type AB
TOMOMI – Bass & Vocal / Birthday May 31 1990, Blood Type A
RINA – Drums & Vocal / Birthday Aug 21 1991, Blood Type B
SCANDAL was formed in August, 2006 with four high school girls who went to the same vocal & dance school in Osaka, Japan. They started performing as SCANDAL with aggressive sounds with pop characters. After it was formed, they often performed on the street of they called Shiroten in Osaka Castle Park. After a while, they started performing at the live house in Kansan area. In March 2008, they were invited to Japanese culture convention “Sakura-Con” in Seattle, and they went around six cities in the U.S to see over 7,000 fans of them. In July 2008, they generated 10,000 people to Japan Expo in France and 8,000 to Anicomi Fes in Hong Kong.
In October 2008, they released “DOLL” as their debut single. “DOLL” was rewarded for “Power Play” from over 40 FM/AM/CS radio stations in Japan.
On July 17th 2009, they released their 3rd single “Shoujo S”, and it was ranked 6th in the first week on Oricon chart, and 5th on Reco-choku Chakuuta Full (Full music ring tone provider) weekly chart. On October 21st, they released their first album “BEST★SCANDAL” and got 5th on Oricon chart in their first week of the release. For the girls band’s album to be awarded within 5th in their first week of the release was the first time in 7 years and a half.
In 2009, they were rewarded for New Face Award from Japan Record Award. In February 2010, their single “Shunkan Sentimental” was placed in 7th on Oricon, 4th on Reco-choku. They also released “Taiyouto Kimigaegaku STORY” in June. In July, they released their first ballad “Namidano Regret”, followed by their 2nd album “TEMPTATION BOX”, and this was awarded 3rd place on Oricon. In October, “Scandal nanka Buttobase” was released, and this also awarded 3rd place on Oricon. Everyone was talking about their cover mini album “R-GIRL’s ROCK!” released in November.
【Scandal Release】
■March 7,2012
CD+Magazine Price:\4,200(tax in)
CD+DVD Price:\3,500(tax in)
CD      Price:\3,059(tax in)
March 28 Nippon Budokan
Open 17:30 Start 18:30
May 19 Kagoshima CAPARVO HALL
May 20 Kumamoto DRUM Be-9 V1
May 22 Nagasaki DRUM Be-7
May 25 Hiroshima club Quattro
May 28 Takamatsu DIME
May 29 Tokushima club GRINDHOUSE
June 2 Zepp Nagoya
June 3 Zepp Nanba
June 5 Wakayama GATE
June 6 Kyoto MUSE
June 8 Zepp Tokyo
June 11 Nagano JUNK BOX
June 13 Niigata LOTS
June 14 Sendai RENSA
June 16 Sapporo PENNY LANE24
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