Rena Uehara


Rena Uehara made her performance debut in December 2007 at “Aqua Plus Festa 2007” held at Yokohama Pacifico.
In March 2008, she made her CD debut with two singles, Kosumos no Yoni” which was an ending theme song for a video game software “ToHeart2 Another Days “, and “Niji no Kakehashi” an opening theme song for OVA “ ToHeart2ad”. She drew attention from the scene for her vocal on “Todokanai Koi ’13” and “Sayoara no Koto” , theme songs for TV anime “WHITE ALBUM2”. She has released “toYOU” in August 2008, “Jewelry Songs” in November 2009, l’espoir” in February 2012, Emergence” in January 2014, and an original album titled “The Brilliant Best -Tie-in Collection” in August 2013.
She also write lyrics for the theme songs of “Sasaramaryan no Seitokaicho Radio for or ToHeart2”, such as “Mizo no Kakehashi” and “Twinkle Stars☆彡 “.
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