Hiroko Sebu


Nicknamed sebumaru, Shiga-ken native Hiroko Sebu was born the year Shohei Imamura’s The Ballad of Narayama and Robert Bresson’s Money shook the audience at Cannes and when everywhere else, people taught each other Flashdance choreography.
Immediately precocious in all things musical, Sebu’s early favorites included Pulenc, Stravinsky, and an eclectic array of ethnic folk.
Childhood exposure to Jurassic Park made her a John Williams devotee and offered the first inspiration for her prodigious career in film scoring.
In high school, it was Beineix’s 37°2 le matin, whose landmark score would later lure her to study in France under the tutelage of the film’s composer, Gabriel Yared.
She spent her Parisian years chained to her piano; whatever time she didn’t use to study and compose she spent in the city’s independent film theaters.
She now resides in Tokyo, where she continues her scoring work and records/gigs on her own architectural brand of piano-driven instrumental compositions.
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