mudy on the sakuban


Gt. : Hirokazu Furusawa
Gt. : Watifo Mori
Gt. : Youhei Yamakawa
Ba. : Yuuki Hounoki
Dr. : Kohei Ito
mudy on the sakuban was formed in January 2006 as a vocal-less band with triple guitar, bass and drums. Their impulsive performance over bouncy but categorization groove and sound with scream, dance and riots created a buzz in their local city Nagoya.
On March 12th, they released their first EP “VOI” and in the following summer, they went to 25 show tour titled ”TOUR F-R”, opening for Joan of arc (fron chicago),THE CHARLATANS (from UK) and performing at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’08.
On January 14th they released their second EP “kidnie”, followed by 19 show promotional tour titled “kidnie olympic TOUR”. Though the guitarist left the band, after Tyota Kiriyama joined the band their whole activities accelerated.
On January 2010, they dropped their first single “YOUTH”. On March 3rd, they released their first full album “pavilion”. Following the released of their first full album they went to 38 show tour titled “moody pavilion tour 2010″. In December 30th they appeared at “COUNTDOWN JAPAN10-11” , proving such popularity of theirs that cause entry restriction.
On October 10th , they released their second album “mudy in squall”.
On June 9th they released their third EP produced by Yoshmitsu Taki from 9mm Prabellum Bullet.
After ups and downs, in 2015, the original guitarist Yohei Yamakawa reunited with the band and their third chapter mudy on the just started.
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