Emi Meyer


Emi Meyer is a celebrated enigma. Multicultural, genre-defying and always on the move, she is accustomed to a lot of hyphens when others describe her multifaceted life and music. Born in Kyoto Japan and raised in Seattle, her bi-cultural heritage has clearly shaped the unique jazz-inspired pop sound heard on her three albums – one of which is entirely in Japanese. Her latest English language album, Suitcase of Stones, will be released digitally on iTunes and Amazon on May 24th.
Meyer began her musical career early in life, starting with classical piano at the age of six and eventually expanding to jazz for the spontaneity it offered. It was her jazz background that paved the way for her win at the Seattle-Kobe Jazz Vocalist Competition – a contest between the sister cities of Seattle Washington and Kobe Japan – in 2007. The result of this win was the first of many performances in Japan, where Emi has enjoyed a great deal of success, and she credits the competition with giving her the courage to ultimately pursue her musical ambitions.
With the release of her first album, Curious Creature, Emi was invited to perform at the legendary Sundance Film Festival and shot to #1 on the Japanese jazz charts after her single – Room Blue – was chosen “Single of the Week” on iTunes. She continued to evolve as an artist and broaden her concept of songwriting with her second album, Passport, written solely in Japanese. The record established Meyer as a musical force in Japan and landed her as the opening act for the Japanese tour of French-Israeli singer-songwriter Yael Naem – known in America for her song New Soul, which was used in Apple’s MacBook Air commercials and peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Emi Meyer’s sound is a refreshingly unique blend of jazz, pop, soul and so much more that is not often found in today’s world of filters and autotune. Powerful lyrics are carried effortlessly along by her signature melodies with the confidence of a modern female vocalist. Her latest work, the aptly named Suitcase of Stones, brings her full circle with her return to the English language and unites the light-heartedness of traveling with the solemnity of memory in a way that only she can convey.
Fresh from a string of charity concerts to support the country that has given her so much, the lyrics from Emi’s song Yesterday’s Rain ring truer than ever before – “And so we move on to today, trees grow from yesterday’s rain.” An artist in every sense of the word, Emi Meyer is poised to win the hearts of America and continue blazing new trails on her musical journey with the release of Suitcase of Stones.
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