KAMELEO is a Visual rock band of five members, consisting of HIKARU. (Vo), Daisuke (Gu), Takashi (Gu), Kouichi (Ba) and Takeshi (Dr.).
Band was formed in January 2012 they are the No.1 among the NEW COMERS! The five members had previously been active together with the same line-up and re-started their band activities newly as Kameleo. They themselves title it a “Second Wedding”. However, the five of them vary greatly in their types when it comes to the human, just as much as the musical aspects.
While they have previously be about their own activities individually for about a year, they are once again together. They are an existence in which, the five of them, each has that “certain something” that attracts. This certain something is, what fans have been waiting for.
In October 2011 they have been distributing the free record “Shikyouhin” in indies record stores along Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. On the streets they have been rumored as the “mysterious new band” ahead of their time. On November 7th, the official homepage had been launched, where they presented the overall information along with their start-up live performance and profiles. In January 2012, they held their 1st official live performance, whereas the tickets had sold out a month previously just like their on November 16th released Demonstration Album “Shisakuhin”, which held a strong lack of promotion.
The sound can be described as colorful and pop-ish; creative and easy-to-understand lyrics and melody come along with subtle [flowers] and [poison].
Deriving their name from the animal “Cameleon”, the five for them are aiming for a wide range in their sound as well as in their way of presentation, adapting to the backgrounds of their time. In a radical sense they are pursuing [interesting things]. In that sense Kameleo are certain to also retrieve the feeling for a new kind of “interesting” in their presentation.
On March 14th 2012, Kameleo released their debut record “NetsuzoPiero”, followed only months later by their first mini album “Shinjyuku”, with a strong tough of this generation’s colors.
However, the next steps are right ahead of them, as Kameleo add their new single “Kensakukekka 0”, which’s theme is accordingly “the internet”. As people of this generation can’t be without the internet anymore, it is much of Kameleo’s fashion to make it their topic describing those internet companies. Kameleo take in tyhose feelings anyone can relate to, making the new record a work full of unique points.
The coupling tracks are “Daisho wo Shiharai Bunmei wo Kau” and “Uso mo Hyakkai Ieba Shinjitsu ni Narru “, whereas the regular edition of the record also comes with the track “Turn back”, which features all members singing – a highly popular part of theirs as of late!
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