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In 2004, he formed around the officer given by Shimizu, Gunma dependent. Through member changes several times, become a member of the current year 2007.
Since 2005, and held three CD release of demo, live independence plan, started working actively.
Runner gradually topic “ROCKERS2007 sponsored by Gunma FM” band audition every year more than 100 pairs in 2007, 2008, such as Ru is initiated broadcasting of “PIZZA SMALL WORLD” regular programming at FM TARO, focusing on local will begin to ask more and more from the tour van a pair of bands.
In June 2008, elected from among the applicants are more than 500 pairs in the audition ,10-FEET Porcupine, ELLEGARDEN, dustbox, et al. SHAKALABBITS has appeared in “Vol.2 Shonan festival sound”, the same as the opening act played in Fes was.
Release “missed fish” 1st mini album on February 18, 2009!
Selected items at the same time the first time in the history of “Tower Records Men” press a TOWER RECORDS, the item “HOT PICKS” a press HMV, unprecedented expansion of large stores in the country. Will be appointed to such offices and Sony Ericsson CS commercial FM radio station or song each power play, his name became widely known throughout the country.
Back number free live Tower Records, HMV jointly in the name of which was held at SHIBUYA BOXX In May, the admission regulations Isesaki audience of more than 500 people rushed to significantly exceed capacity, as a tour final was held in June concluded the tour in the overcrowded state well over 500 people live in the park bandstand Kezoji.
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