DJ KAWASAKI made his world debut from ‘King Street Records’ in 2005 with the track ‘Blazin’.
Having been well received internationally he went on to release his first album ‘Beautiful’ from Columbia the following year which instantly set him amongst the top house djs and seen as the brightest hope of the crossover/house scene in Japan.
‘Beautiful’ was a commercial success but also, more importantly, impressed many national and international artists who sought to work with DJ KAWASAKI.
Since then he has produced and remixed artists including Kyoto Jazz Massive, Haijime Yoshizawa, Ananda Project, Towa Tei and Gordon Chambers amongst others and covered Herbie Hancock’s ‘Maiden Voyage’ for Blue Note. Shuya Okino’s ‘Shine’, on which DJ KAWASAKI collaborated on the sound production, will be released from ‘Defected’ records, a UK House label which many regard as the most influential house label world wide. Featuring artists including; Franky Knuckles, Kenny Dope and Louie Vega to name a few.
In 2007 DJ KAWASAKI added more releases to his credits, ‘Beautiful Too’ in January and ‘The Room Weekender- 15th Anniversary Special Edition Complied by DJ KAWASAKI’ in September. His sounds are defined by his unique rhythm, known as ‘Kawasaki beats’ which he has further sharpened in 2008 with his awaited second album ‘YOU CAN MAKE IT.
‘YOU CAN MAKE IT’ was released in January and since then DJ KAWASAKI has not stopped to enjoy the album’s remarkable success but has released work month after month. In February ‘Luire presents:DJ KAWASAKI x Papa Records’, in March ‘theory x DJ KAWASAKI’ and in April ‘King of New York 3- Mixed by Daishi Dance & DJ KAWASAKI’. Also in April DJ KAWASAKI produced the model turned singer, Lena Fujii on her debut collection album, ‘Lena’.
August sees the release of DJ KAWASAKI’s third album, ‘DJ KAWASAKI works, Most Wanted’.
Currently DJ KAWASAKI can be heard DJing and hosting The Room Radio on Shibuya FM every Tuesday.
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