A 24 year old singer-songwriter, THE SxPLAY started playing music inspired by her father who liked Rock’n Roll. At the age of 17, she won the Grand prix of a vocal audition held by a major label out of 1,000 other applicants, which led her to Tokyo next year from her hometown, Akita.
In 2009 April, she started performing professionally as Sayuri Sugawara. Her clear but strong vocal over the pop and folky melody along with the sincere lyric won her big applause by the critics.
In November 2013, she announced the termination of her career as Sayuri Sugawara on the stage of exclusive fan club event FC“CHAO!CREW”.
She posted her story of going from major to indie on “STORYS.JP”, a website that gathers life-experience stories in February 2014. The article titled “I quit being major. From major debut to indie debut” ranked first by the readers’ review.
On March 30th, she changed her artist same to “THE SxPLAY”, making her debut as an indie artist.
YUKI from BETHE joined the project as a sound-producer along with the artist herself, SxPLAY.
On May 28th her first EP ”Call To Action” came out.
Her first solo show “Call To Action Release Live” was held as eggman Shibuya on July 12th.
Her music is a mixture of pop, rock, classic, HIP HOP and dance music. THE SxPLAY’s unique and playful music sensation is ever-expanding.
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