Tatetakako is a new-type (or rather, rare-type) singer/songwriter who is capable of every field of musical expressions from hardcore punk to avanpop. Armed only with the piano and a song, she sings and proceeds self-reliantly led by the raw soul of an expressionist. She spins distinctive words from her enigmatic and twisted sensibility and weaves simple and nostalgic melodies with solid piano skills. Her unique voice is not just clear but venomous. Her live performance is a must-see as she creates centripetal force as if from a black hole.
Tatetakako debuted in 2004 with the album Sora, which contains “Hoseki” (insert song for the award-winning movie Dare mo Shiranai directed by Hirokazu Koreeda). She also contributed songs for the theme to Argentine Baba, a movie based on a novel by Banana Yoshimoto, and for corporate commercial films for Panasonic and Pitat House among others. In 2007, the popular MBS TV documentary program Jounetsu Tairiku featured her unique musical talents and attracted public attention.
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