B-DASH was formed in 1997. The members of this three piece band is from Tokyo.
The rhythm section supports the pop melody, making their extraordinary unique B-DASH. They have strong characters in the music, performance and all the things they do, which makes them stand out in the crowd.
Since the EP “FREEDOM”, they have been making music under the concept of “the consistency in their own style”, they put more emphasis on the music over the language, writing music with lyrics that is neither English nor Japanese, capturing the music in their own style of lyrics. This concept was pretty experimental but in the end, their idea was widely accepted and the EP ranked first in the indie chart, still keep selling over 250 thousand copies. (Ranking top in indie chart for 2 years)
Writing in the language that belongs to no country means they are targeting international market, grabbing listeners’ hearts by the melody and the sound.
Their unique style of performance is so well-known and popular that their solo tour drew 10 thousand people in 2002. All the CD cover art has been done by GONGON(vo and gt)’s brother SOTA and all the packaging is done by friends, making a creative circle around them.
Each member has their own originality still making experimental music together, which proves their own unique presence in the scene that’s beyond just a rock band.
The usually-fleeting audience support them, who do not follow the theory.
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