Tackey & Tsubasa


Tackey & Tsubasa are a Japanese idol duo from Johnny & Associates. Its members are Hideaki Takizawa and Tsubasa Imai. Takizawa, nicknamed “Tackey”, is best known for his drama works, and Tsubasa for his dancing ability. They have also been musically successful with hit singles such as “Venus” and “Ho! SUMMER”. Their works are produced by Avex Trax.
Before their debut, Tackey and Tsubasa were the top “Juniors” in the Johnny & Associates, a company which specializes in male teen idols led by Johnny Kitagawa. Typical of a junior, they started out as backdancers for better known teen idols in their label such as KinKi Kids (who also had not yet debuted at the time) in 1995, when both were 13-years-old. Through the years, the two have hosted the Japanese variety shows, Gakibara Teikoku 2000 and Music Enta. Besides hosting, the two have starred together in dramas such as, Kaiki Club Ghost Stories and Genroku Ryoran. During the filming of the NHK series Genroku Ryoran, which aired in 1999, the friendship of the two grew closer and they became best friends.
Before their official debut, the two performed together many times. In 1999, Tackey asked Tsubasa to join him in their first duet during the “Johnny’s Juniors FIRST concert” in Tokyo, Japan.
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