Footage from FAITH’s First No-audience Concert to be Broadcast Worldwide!


With its pop music and sound, the 5-member mixed-gender band FAITH has continued to gain popularity overseas.
Footage from the band’s concert “FAITH Special Online Show ‘Pre-independence Diary’ at Daikanyama UNIT”, that was held on October 16 (Fri), will be broadcast worldwide.

FAITH is a 5-member mixed-gender band with an average age of 20, consisting of members Akari Dritschler (vocal), Rei Yajima (guitar & vocal), Ray Kastnar (guitar & vocal), Tohko Arai (bass) and Luca Melancon (drums). 3 of its members are half-Japanese and half-American, making for a unique member lineup. With a sound influenced by the 90’s Western music fused with mainstream pop melodies; the band presents Global Pop Music from the new generation. The pure and fresh vocals from vocalist Akari is also one of the band’s charms.

Having received rave reviews for its first-ever no-audience concert broadcast that was streamed on October 16, the band’s concert footage will be available online for 4 days starting from today, with the hope that overseas fans can also watch FAITH in concert.

Special Online Show
“Pre-independence Diary” ~encore~
Worldwide Broadcasting!

■Viewing Period (Streaming)
11/11 (Wed) PM9:00 JST ~ 11/15 (Sun) PM11:59 JST

■Ticket Price
¥2,000 (JPY)

■Ticket Sales Period
11/7 (Sat) PM9:00 JST ~ 11/15 (Sun) PM8:59 JST


In addition, a section of the concert footage has already been uploaded onto YouTube. Please do check out the following video as well.
FAITH – 19 〜 DON’T FALL (Live from “Pre-independence Diary”)