Visual rock band ALICE NINE. will release a new album on November 11th.


Visual rock band ALICE NINE. will release a new album on November 11th.

Kuro to Wonderland will be available in two editions. The regular edition will feature seven tracks, and it will be CD-only. Further details on the tracklist will be announced at a later date. The other edition will be limited to their official fan club “NUMBER SIX.”, and it will add a 32-page booklet, a second CD with audio from their July 5th show at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA as well as a Blu-ray disc with video footage of 10 songs from the same show and the music videos for MANDALATESTAMENT and CYAN. The Blu-ray will also feature solo angle versions of the MANDALA video for each of the band members.

The video for MANDALA can be viewed below.

Reference: JaME