Guitarist HOTEI’s new collaboration album, featuring eighteen musicians from seven countries, drops on November 25th.


Guitarist HOTEI will release a new collaboration album on November 25th.

Soul to Soul is intended as a prelude to the 40th anniversary of HOTEI‘s professional music career, which he will celebrate in 2021. Eighteen musicians from seven countries participated in the album’s recording, which comes fourteen years on from the ex-BOØWY guitarist’s previous such release SOUL SESSIONS.

His Japanese collaborators are ex-THE YELLOW MONKEY frontman Kazuya Yoshii, balladeer duo Kobukuro, enka singer Kiyoshi Hikawa, rock duo GLIM SPANKY, ex-BOOM BOOM SATELLITES bassist Masayuki Nakano, singer-songwriter Miho Fukuhara and soulster Yu Sakai.

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